The tax code is a personal code assigned by the Revenue Agency and is the tool used to identify any citizen in his relations with public bodies and administrations. It is mandatory for the completion of certain acts of a fiscal or notarial nature, to grant powers of attorney, to carry out financial transactions concerning property or movable and immovable property located in Italy or to pay contributions in Italy.

Except in cases of proven necessity, this Consulate issues the tax code only in paper format to Italian or foreign citizens. The code consists of 16 alphanumeric characters that identify the surname and name of the holder, year, month and day of birth, sex and place of birth and is assigned by the Revenue Agency with an online procedure carried out by this Consulate. From the moment of its release, it is valid for the entire life of the holder.

Allocation requests can be submitted by Italian or foreign citizens by e-mail to attaching:

• the APPLICATION FORM correctly completed and signed.
• valid Italian or South African passport, consistent with the data on the birth certificate; for those without one, an identity card is allowed.
• proof of address in South Africa

In the event of a request on behalf of a minor, in addition to the aforementioned documents, the identity documents and tax codes of both parents must be presented.

The applicant will receive the tax code via email, usually within a week of receiving the request, provided that it is compliant.

To avoid any economic damage deriving from the attribution of a code that is destined to prove to be incorrect and therefore invalid, non-compliant requests cannot be taken into consideration. In case of loss or destruction of the card, a duplicate can be requested in the same way as for the assignment.