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Elezioni politiche 2022

On 25 September 2022 the general election for the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic will take place in Italy.

Italian citizens registered with AIRE will start receiving their voter’s pack as from 6 September 2022 via Bex Express couriers at their residential address which is registered with the Consulate (not to the PO box!).

Please note that the law excludes the option to deliver the voter’s pack at a different address (office, workplace, temporary residence, etc)

When receiving the voting pack it is possible to vote immediately and to return the envelope with your vote and with your electoral certificate right away to the courier who effected the delivery. Alternatively, please contact Bex Express to arrange for them to collect the envelope containing your vote, free of charge.

As per the deadline set out by the Law, your voting papers will need to reach the Consulate no later than 22 September 2022, at 16:00.

If you haven’t received your voting pack by 11 September 2022, please contact promptly Bex Express (tel. 021 013 4577 or email or this Consulate (tel. 083 398 3010 or email

Please be reminded that, according to Art. 48 of the Italian Constitution, voting is personal, free and secret.

It is the voter’s obligation to personally safeguard the electoral material sent to him by the Consulate.

It is absolutely prohibited to share the electoral material with third parties.

Any voter infringing these provisions shall be liable to the penalties imposed by the law.  Art. 18 of Law 459/2001 states: “1. Whoever commits any of the offences envisaged in the Consolidated Text of the Laws containing provisions for the election of the Parliament Chambers, referred to in Presidential Decree No. 361 of 30 March 1957, as amended, on foreign soil, shall be punished in accordance with Italian law. The penalties provided for in Article 100 of the aforementioned Consolidated Law shall be doubled for postal voting.  2. Whoever, on the occasion of General Elections and Referendums, votes both by mail and at the polling station of last registration in Italy, or votes more than once by mail, shall be punished by imprisonment from one to three years and a fine ranging from Euro 52 to 258”.

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