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Edizione 2024 del Premio Nazionale “BookTuberPrize”.

The Italian Ministry of Culture – Center for Books and Reading, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Education and Merit – General Directorate for Students, Inclusion and School Orientation, and with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – General Directorate for Public and Cultural Diplomacy – as part of the initiatives aimed at the circulation and knowledge of literature and books among adolescents, promotes the sixth edition of the national ideas prize “BookTuberPrize ”.

The Competition aims to be an opportunity to circulate knowledge of books among young people, developing their understanding, synthesis and critical thinking skills and stimulating their digital skills through the use of information technology.

It also intends to involve Italian young people who study or work abroad, but also Italian students from the schools of the MAECI’s foreign educational and cultural network, to encourage an enriching and motivating discussion and to ensure that the products of Italian publishing – paper or digital – can be better known abroad.

For further information, consult the regulations.