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2021 COM.IT.ES. Elections - Voting option now accessible



2021 COM.IT.ES. Elections - Voting option now accessible

In 2021, Italian Citizens resident abroad are called upon to exercise their vote for the renewal of their representatives. 

The Com.It.Es elections are currently scheduled for 3 December 2021.

In order to vote, you must express the option to vote by 3 November 2021.

The jurisdiction of teh Com.It.Es. of Cape Town is the same as the consular jurisdiction of the Consulate of Italy in Cape Town and includes Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape .

To this end:

It is necessary to complete the form and return via email, with a copy of a valid ID document, to, or deliver the documentation to the Consulate of Italy in Cape Town.

Alternatively you may communicate the option to vote by way of the Fast-It portal.

Those who live in the jurisdictions of the Com.It.Es. of Pretoria – the same as the consular jurisdiction of the Embassy of Italy in Pretoria (city of Pretoria, and Lesotho, Madagascar, Mauritius and Namibia) or of the Com.It.Es. of Johannesburg – the same as that of the Consulate-General in Johannesburg (Gauteng excluding Pretoria, Free State, KZN, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, North West), please check their pages. The procedure is the same, just the e-mail address to send the form changes.

What are Com.It.Es.

Established in 1985, Com.It.Es are representative bodies of the Italian community, directly elected by Italians residing abroad in each consular district, where at least three thousand Italians are registered in the updated list referred to in Law 459/2001, art. 5(1). In consular districts where fewer than three thousand Italian citizens reside, the diplomatic - consular authority may appoint the Committees.
Com.It.Es are composed of 12 or 18 members, subject to whether the Committees are elected in consular districts with numbers fewer or greater than 100 000 resident Italians, as reflected in the updated list of Italian citizens residing abroad. In addition to the elected members of Italian citizenship, foreign citizens of Italian origin, may be part of the Committees and this number may not exceed one third of the members of the elected Committee (4 or 6 members).
Pursuant to Law 286/2003 art. 1(2), the Com.It.Es are representative bodies of Italians abroad in relations with diplomatic - consular authorities. By means of study and research, they contribute to the identification of the social, cultural and civil development needs of the reference community. Their role includes to promote, in collaboration with the consular authority, equal opportunities, social and educational assistance,  participation of young people, vocational training, recreation activities, sport and leisure, with regions and local authorities, and all bodies, associations and committees operating in the consular district. The Committees are also called upon to cooperate with the consular authority in protecting the rights and interests of Italian citizens residing in the consular district.
Following the April 2015 elections, 101 elective Com.It.Es are operating today, and a further 5 Com.It.Es are appointed by diplomatic - consular authorities.
The Committees are distributed as follows: 47 are in Europe, 42 in the Americas, 10 in Asia and Oceania and 7 in Africa.