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In consideration of the current health emergency and in the interests of protecting the health of both consular officers and citizens, the use of video calls is proposed as an additional resource and not as a substitute, to verify the validity of the certificate of proof of life signed and dated by the user.

To facilitate the citizens involved in the general verification of proof of life who are affected by limitations in travel due to the spread of the pandemic, it is proposed to verify the proof of life also through a video-call, with the modalities detailed below:

1. (common to the previous procedure): The citizen receives by ordinary mail from Citibank the request form for validation of proof of life, containing their personal details (surname, name and date of birth), the Citibank identification code of the pension, telephone number (optional) and e-mail address (optional, but which becomes essential to take advantage of the new procedure); the user affixes his handwritten signature and the date of signature to the application form;

2. (new modality): The citizen sends an email of this form, and an identity document, to the institutional e-mail address of the consular office , which contacts them on their email address, which will have been added to the proof of life form. The date and time of a video call, to be made through the most popular applications such as Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams, will be agreed upon via email. Through this method the proof of life of the citizens as well as their personal details contained in the form will be verified. The pensioner will be invited to exhibit his/her original identity document during the video call.

3. (common to the previous procedure): The officer of the consular office authorized to provide Citibank's on-line service certifies proof of life. During the course of the video call, the official of the authorized consular office invites the citizens to send the original form, dated and signed, by ordinary mail, to the consular office, for record keeping purposes.

We confirm that the Patronati were also informed by INPS of the video-call project, welcoming it with great favor as the verification of proof of life fall within the scope of urgent services as they cannot be postponed and need to be guaranteed to retired citizens residing abroad even in the event of the closure of the consular offices due to the health emergency. Finally, it is reiterated that the video-call mode just described is in addition to and not a substitute for the face-to-face check, which citizens, given the local health conditions, could still decide to use.