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Following the latest review, Italy has been included by the South African Government among the countries considered to be at high epidemic risk. As a result of this measure, travellers from Italy will be able to reach South Africa solely for business reasons, pending prior approval from the Department of Home Affairs, which can be required by email, attaching a copy of their passport, visa or residence permit, proof of work activities to be conducted in South Africa, proof of travel itinerary, address of accommodation in South Africa. Travellers with permanent residence permit will also be able to return to South Africa. The obligation to show a negative Covid-19 test carried out in the 72 hours before the departure from Italy remains in force.

It should also be noted that according to the Italian legislation in force, travel from South Africa is allowed only in the presence of precise reasons to be proven by means of a specific self-declaration, such as: work, health or study reasons, absolute urgency, return to your home, home or residence. Therefore, travel for tourism is NOT allowed. For more information on the legislation currently in force in Italy is recommended to consult the following link