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Fast-It - the Consular Services portal


Fast-It - the Consular Services portal


The “Fast-It” is an experimental portal, in continuous improvement, of online consular services.

It is available after user registration at the following link . This portal permits you to:

1) Register with AIRE (Italian residing abroad)

Registration with AIRE through the “Fast-It” portal can be requested by Italian citizens who have never obtained a consular service at the Consulate of Italy in Cape Town, who have never been registered with the Consulate and Italian citizens who have lived elsewhere and have relocated to this Consular jurisdiction.

Which documents are required to prepare before accessing the "Fast It" portal?

• copy of the Italian passport or copy of the valid identity card;

• proof of stable and legal residence abroad, namely:

- a copy of the residence permit over 12 months (L, B, C)

- or a copy of the employment contract showing a permanent employment contract or a contract lasting more   than 12 months

- or a copy of your South African identity card / passport if you also have South African citizenship.

- or a copy of the residential utility bill.

The application for registration is presented by the Italian citizen for all members of the family who live at the same address (for example: the spouse, children).

Requests that do not meet the indicated criteria will be rejected by the operator.

The registration via "Fast It" can be consulted on-line and it is the individual citizen's responsibility to log in with his or her username and password to establish his status as it is not possible to provide personalized assistance.

In the event of technical problems, the request for registration must be sent by e-mail..

It is emphasized that the AIRE registration procedure is automated and will be processed by the Consulate. The applicant will be notified of the registration via the portal. Please ensure that the correct and full details are inserted on the portal.

Maiden surname for all married woman must be inserted and not the married surname.

2) Notice of Change of Residence

The service allows the citizens to notify the competent Consular Office of the change of address for himself and relevant family members