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EMERGENZA COVID-19 - Aggiornamenti
EMERGENZA COVID-19 - Aggiornamenti03/26/2020

In riferimento all’emergenza legata al diffondersi del COVID-19 (coronavirus), si prega di attenersi scrupolosamente alle indicazioni pubblicate dalle Autorità italiane e sudafricane in materia. Per assistenza e in caso di difficolta' a raggiungere l'Italia, il Consolato è raggiungibile attraverso l&rs...

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COVID-19 EMERGENCY 03/16/2020

TASK FORCE FOR URGENT ASSISTANCE AND REMODULATION OF CONSULAR SERVICES In light of the measures announced by the South African authorities for the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic ( .), the Consulate...

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EMERGENZA COVID-19 raccomandazioni
EMERGENZA COVID-19 raccomandazioni03/16/2020

In aggiunta alle disposizioni emanate dalle Autorità locali, i connazionali presenti in Sudafrica sono invitati ad attenersi alle seguenti raccomandazioni;

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COVID EMERGENCY-1903/13/2020

We wish to inform Italian citizens in the Cape Provinces (Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Nothern Cape) that during closing hours the Consulate may be reached, in cae of serious and proven emergency, at the following number: + 27 (0) 83 398 3010. In case COVID-19 symptoms arise, please contact the National Institute of...

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COVID-19. Information for Visa applicants
COVID-19. Information for Visa applicants03/12/2020

In light of the recent measures adopted by the Italian authorities to tackle the Covid-19 virus, Visa applicants wishing to travel to Italy BEFORE APRIL 3rd are recommended to comply to the following instructions: 1) Applications not yet submitted:  Applicants are invited to reschedule the trip and to submit a new tr...

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COVID-19 Decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on urgent  measures to combat and contain the Coronavirus
COVID-19 Decree of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on urgent measures to combat and contain the Coronavirus 03/11/2020

COVID-19. Information for Italians and foreigners in light of the recent measures adopted by the Italian Government  The Italian authorities have adopted new measures to tackle the Covid-19 virus. By Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers dated 9 March 2020, the measures originally implemented only in sele...

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Referendum costituzionale 2020 - Rinvio
Referendum costituzionale 2020 - Rinvio03/06/2020

Il Consiglio dei Ministri ha stabilito il rinvio a data da destinarsi dello svolgimento del referendum costituzionale sulla riduzione del numero dei parlamentari.

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COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) - Updates
COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) - Updates03/04/2020

In response to requests received by this Office in the last few hours, it is confirmed that there are currently no restrictive measures in force regarding the entry into South Africa of Italian citizens or those coming from Italy. Citizens who intend to travel to South Africa are invited to constantly consult the site,...

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COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) –Checks on entry
COVID-19 (New Coronavirus) –Checks on entry02/25/2020

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (new coronavirus), the South African authorities have intensified airport checks on all passengers, especially for those coming from China and Italy. All travelers will be systematically subjected to temperature checks by means of scanners and they will be asked for information...

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Referendum costituzionale 2020 - Elettori temporaneamente all' estero
Referendum costituzionale 2020 - Elettori temporaneamente all' estero02/11/2020

Gli elettori italiani che per motivi di lavoro, studio o cure mediche si trovino temporaneamente all’estero, per un periodo di almeno tre mesi, nel quale ricade la data di svolgimento del referendum popolare confermativo (29 marzo 2020) della legge costituzionale in materia di riduzione del numero dei parlamentari, non...

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